Education Planning

Investing in education gives the children in your life the opportunity to dream big and realize their full potential. With rising tuition costs, starting to plan for their education now is essential. And yes, there is homework, but your FSW Advisor is here to help!

We collaborate with you to evaluate strategies for education funding to help your children or grandchildren succeed in their pursuit of knowledge. It is our job to work with you and help you structure your financial plan so you can reach these goals through various investment vehicles. We work together to find the optimal savings amount that fits with your budget so you can support their future with options that can include:

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) – offers Federal government contribution incentives and tax-deferral benefits.

Child Whole Life Insurance – when you buy a life insurance policy on your child or grandchild, you get the chance to build guaranteed cash value which they can access in the future if they need it. The cash value can help with things like their education expenses, buying a home and or funding a new business. When they reach the age of majority, the policy ownership can be transferred to them tax-free, giving them a head-start on their own financial planning.