Crysler Jamieson, CFP

Senior Financial Planner

It’s interesting what can spark your passion. My interest in financial markets started at an early age which led me to where I am today. I am fortunate enough to have built a career around my love of problem solving and financial planning I am passionate about helping my clients attain their financial goals and enjoy the challenge that comes with creating each unique financial plan. Financial plans are similar to puzzles, taking time,knowledge, and logic to create.

The puzzle design, size of the pieces, and colours are the variables that make completion more difficult and remind me of the different situations each client can have in any stage of their life. My education and experience over the past 20 years has enabled me to develop a well rounded understanding of the puzzle that is financial planning. From capital markets to complex tax strategies for businesses, and everything in-between, I enjoy the complexity of each client’s financial story.

I grew up in Winnipeg and in 2017 settled in the quaint rural community of Gilbert Plains Manitoba. Not only am I well supported by my surrounding local communities, technology has allowed me to provide expert advice to clients from Toronto to Vancouver. My business has no geographical boundaries.

When I have free time, you can find me outside with my silver lab playing fetch or hiking through one of our two natural treasures; Riding Mountain National Park or the Duck Mountains.

If you are looking for a change for the better, I look forward to you interviewing me for the Senior Financial Planner position of your team.

Crysler Jamieson, B. Comm., CFP, CIM, FCSI