Matthew Smythe

Independent Wealth Advisor


‘My goal is your goals – whatever they are, helping you reach them is my priority.

My career started for one simple reason – I wanted to help people. Financial planning is more than a job to me; I have the opportunity to work with my clients so they can realize their life goals and dreams. To me, this is a profound responsibility that I am honoured to uphold.

I am excited to continue building my financial practice with FSW Wealth Partners. The strength and stability of their partnership and the team approach provides me with a new level of confidence for myself and my clients. I made this move because I wanted to stack the deck in my clients’ favour and move them from good to great.

I take a comprehensive approach when it comes to financial planning. I am genuinely concerned about every single client and determined to do what it takes to put them on the right track so they can fulfill their financial goals. Building a financial plan takes time, just like building a relationship with each client. My existing clients know I am forthright and direct – if you’re deviating from your goals or heading into the unknown, I will tell you!

Everyone can have a financial plan. Everyone should have a financial plan. I am the one who can help you get that plan started by building a strong foundation that starts with proper cash flow management, proper account utilization and the long-term guidance and professional advice I provide. That is the secret three-ingredient recipe to financial success.

My biggest success is my family; I try to spend as much time with my wife and young son as possible. Each moment is a memory we build and that is extremely important to me. You can always find me on the golf course and working on the next plan that is going to change someone’s life.

Matthew Smythe