Tamara Fehr, CFP

Partner & Senior Financial planner


I have made changes throughout my career and each time, I pause to reflect on where my journey has taken me. Sometimes it is life-changing, other times, it is not, but no matter the circumstances, the journey is exciting. I am excited to begin my partnership with Sheryl Saari and Chris Witoski, RRC as we focus on building financial wealth and well-being with our clients.

I am passionate about what I do because I have the privilege of helping my clients find solutions that change their lives. I built my financial practice over twenty years ago on the principles of honesty and loyalty. The relationship I have with each client is my most valuable asset and understanding their story helps me guide them to make the best financial decisions to reach their goals.

Whether it is reviewing their current situation and implementing a detailed financial plan or discussing investment, risk management, income protection or tax and estate planning, I believe in the importance of listening to what is important to them – the way a good friend listens when you need perspective.

My personal experiences in life strengthen my ability to provide sound financial plans for my clients. I put their needs first, ensuring they understand the products and services that are available before making any decisions. I specialize in helping women going through a divorce; having experienced this myself, I have insight into all the areas that impact her financially. Most importantly, I can be a supportive friend and a financial planner – this is true with all my clients.

I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and family, and summers by the lake. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me – I look forward to helping you plan your financial future.

Tamara Fehr, CFP